Mimir's Well

Role — Lead Designer    Studio — SapientNitro 


Every year Toronto has an all night art festival that injects a dose of culture into the city. It’s called Nuit Blanche and this year the theme is memory. We thought it would be interesting to explore the notion of memory using norse mythology. We created an interactive installation that allows the visitor to journey through the nine different worlds of the norse universe — each world having a different theme and animal associated with it. As the the visitor peers into a digital well, we projection map a different low poly animal head onto their own. The visitor then has access to that digital image from an online portal.


I was tasked to create a digital web experience to go along with the installation. The user can explore the norse universe, learn more about each world, and also use their webcam to map an animal head onto a picture of themselves. The experience uses webgl bubbles and light effects that interact with the users cursor. 

mimir_0001_World Selector No Worldmimir_0001_World Selector No World
mimir_0002_World Selectormimir_0002_World Selector
mimir_0003_WORLD PAGE ALTmimir_0003_WORLD PAGE ALT
mimir_0004_Webcam Prepmimir_0004_Webcam Prep
mimir_0006_Picture Pagemimir_0006_Picture Page
mimir_0007_World Detailmimir_0007_World Detail