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Medal of Honor is a historic Playstation game series first released in 1999, best known for being Steven Spielburg's first directorial foray into the medium. Cut to 2020 and the developer Respawn has decided to make a new Medal of Honor game exclusively for VR. Oculus challenged us with creating a web experience that would pay homage to the dramatic shift for the series. On top of this, the request was to build it on-stack. This had never been done before.

Channeling the immersive qualities of VR, we created an experience designed to put you right where the action is. We faithfully recreated a town from the new game in 3D, completely from scratch, and created a texture aesthetic designed to look like the key art provided to us.

Recreating the game for the web was never the objective. The goal was to give you a look at a small french village rooted in the throes of war, frozen in time. We designed a dynamic camera path to get you weaving in and out of small vignettes, and get up close and personal with french resistance fighters desperately trying to fend off the Nazi's advance.

The outcome is an immersive cinematic experience that pays homage to the game series lineage, and charts new territory for what can be done on the web to promote upcoming titles.


Pablo Vio

Creative Director
Adam Romano

Senior Designer
Steven Mengin

Creative Developer
Amelie Rosser

Lead Developer
Pedro Bellesa

Executive Producer
Greg Meltzer

Jacob Karsmeijer

Texture Artists
George Varodi
Ivan Fedorov
Micheal Lamont

Technical Director
Chris Holmes

Sound Design

Creative Director (Oculus)
Chad Tafola

Designer  (Oculus)
Camiel Flohr

Producer  (Oculus)
IV Tench

Executive Producer  (Oculus)
Angela Fung


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