levi’s Wynwood

↳  Levi Strauss & Co.

↳  Creative & Design Direction

↳  Installation

↳  2019-2020

In 2019, Levi's created a destination in the booming Wynwood district of Miami where you could go to customize denim using their new "Future Finish" technology, take in a few cocktails, and enjoy some live music. They challenged us with creating a space within the destination to engage guests and get people talking.

Knowing their new technology could rapidly print designs onto denim, we set out to create a system where they could drop new designs created the very same day by participating artists.

Our solution was to leverage a shipping container and install a customized product carousel inside of it. On the outside we created a giant neon drop clock that would continuously countdown the time until the next drop. Every few hours, we released a visual code a few quick-to-the-draw guests could enter into a companion WebApp we designed, for a free pair of denim.

Inside the container, we installed mirrors along the walls and designed an LED light show along the perimeter to create an infinity room effect for guests who scanned their newly acquired drop code.

The installation drew large crowds and provided a mechanic for Levis to engage their guests over the course of three months.


↳  Adrian Belina

Creative Director
↳  Adam Romano

Senior Designer
↳  Mike Lamont

Technical Director
↳  Peter Altramirno

↳  Shannon Kennedy

Executive Producer
↳  Kaitlyn Lacy

Motion Designer
↳  Michal Leonczuk


↳  FWA of the Day

↳  Best Experiential Activation by Retail Brand

The Drum Awards (Experiential)
↳  2nd Place ‘Highly Commended’

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